The History of Our Club - Ridge Riders

Our Club History

Our club was incorporated as the Cottage Grove Snowmobile Association on November 9, 1971. Our club officers were: President: Lee Phillips, Jr Vice President: William Carpenter,  Secretary/ Treasurer: Judy Phillips,  Board of Directors: Lee Phillips, William Carpenter, Judy Phillips, John Shimpach, Roger Natvig, James Wagner,  and Theron Uphoff.

The purpose for incorporating our club was: "To promote and encourage the safe use and enjoyment of the art and sport of snowmobiling and all allied and similar activities associated therewith."

Officers 2016-2017

President: Wade Huston,

Vice President: Jeff Gladem

Secretary-Treasurer: Bev Homburg

Trail Master - John Torgerson

Alternate Trail Master - Mike Northouse

County Delegate - Rick Komprood

Board of Directors

3 Year - Mike Northouse

2 Year - Gene Arndt

1 Year - Rodney Homburg

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